Dear Valued Visitors; After a two-day weekend rest, we met again in the Before Sleep Program with the life, strength and opportunity given by our Lord! We learned that Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association prepared a questionnaire to determine the effect of this program on children’s behavior. Ninety-three percent of the parents who participated in the  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, Tonight, we gained beautiful and useful information again in Before Sleep Program! At the beginning of the program, we learned that taking notes is the sunnah of our beloved Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. That’s why we decided to write down what we learned from now on. It was very important  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; In tonight’s Before Sleep Program, we contemplated our belongings. We thought about whether we have surpluses that we do not use at home and keep on the sidelines. If items that have not been used for a long time have become so bad that they are no longer useful, they should be  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, Tonight, we were together again with joy and gratitude in Before Sleep Program. Today is Arefe. Tomorrow, will be the Eid-al-Adha, which was a gift from Ibrahim ‘alaihis-salam, and his submission and sincerity were rewarded by Allah. ? We thought and dreamed… If we were lentils buy kamagra 100mg , we would  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; On a peaceful Eid-al-Adha evening, we were together again in the Before Sleep Program! In our program tonight, Gulberenk Children sent voice and written messages to celebrate the holiday! The messages that came with enthusiasm, joy and good wishes were very pleasing! Children of Gulberenk expressed their greetings, love and longing! Energetic  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; The Imagination Competition, the activity of the Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, which makes you feel the peace of creating a work by discovering and developing talents. It took place in July with great excitement! In three categories. In the competition, in which children aged 8-12 buy generic levitra , youth aged 13-21  [ Read More ]

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Dear Valued Visitors, Tonight Buy Amoxil UK , we started Before Sleep Program by listening to the “One March”. And again we learned valuable information from each other. It turns out that people for various reasons; when one was very tired, when the evil eye touched him, when he was bored and sad, he felt  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Tonight, we talked about dreaming buy levitra cheap , having pure intentions and giving people morale in the Before Sleep Program! It turns out that dreaming was a bit like praying. Our God could grant us grace by making our dreams come true. If we, as the Children of Gulberenk, were to  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues its Before Sleep Program with great joy! Tonight, we learned that one must discover one’s abilities. If a person works, puts effort, tries to learn, he can achieve very good things. Little kids can do a lot if given the opportunity. Even a little salt adds a  [ Read More ]