Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk Values Education Association’s Educational Children’s Programs realized with the cooperation of Golden Child Magazine are continuing. Gulberenk, which has just returned from its Akhisar and Ankara programs, continues its Anatolia tour right before the Istanbul program. The program we carried out in cooperation with the Ulucami Education and Culture Foundation in  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, The program which was carried out by Gulberenk Values Education Association in cooperation with Akhisar Ulu Mosque Education and Culture Foundation was realized with great success. The program which was watched by hundreds of children and their mothers was attracted and loved by everyone. The program, which was prepared meticulously and realized  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, From now on Ankara will host Gulberenk, each month’s second Saturday and Sunday. From January onwards, Ankara’s children will have fun while learning each month with a new Gulberenk Educational Children’s Program. As we all have seen how nice we could cooperate and learn in common projects with the program in November.  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, We were in Samsun on the 14th and 15th of December. The conference and educational children’s programs organized with the collaboration of Merve Education Culture and Solidarity Foundation and Gulberenk Values Education Association were welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm. Meeting the ladies and children of Samsun has brought about very sweet  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, The Smiling Meetings prepared and organized with the collaboration of Turkey Youth Intercultural Communication Platform (TUGAP) and Gulberenk Values Education Association will be staring soon. Gulberenk Values Education Association Chairman of the Board, educator and author Neslihan Nur TURK will participate as a speaker at the Smiling Meetings, which will be held  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk Values Education Association has become TURAP which is an institution with its vision in accordance with the principles of the family institution and individuals (women, men, children, young, elderly, disabled) among the NGOs operating; establishes a communication network, shares knowledge, accumulation and experience, prepares a common working ground with consultation /  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, We had the last tour of 2013 to Rize. In cooperation with Irfan Youth and Charity Association, Gulberenk Values Education Association we organized a conference program for the ladies which was entitled, “To Love and To Be Loved”. On the second day with the participation of children we realized the Gulberenk Educational  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, The Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs conducted with the collaboration of Gulberenk Values Education Association and Golden Child’s Magazine are continuing in full swing. Following the tour of Samsun and Rize, the program that took place in Istanbul was attended by an enthusiastic audience. This month, “The Pilgrim Grandma Program” was about the  [ Read More ]

DEAR FRIENDS! Gülberenk Values Education Association invites all the children to think, work and produce! You only have two months to do this. During this time, you will collect waste materials and produce original works from each other. You can use all kinds of materials from olive beans to peanut shells, from fabrics to buttons,  [ Read More ]

Dear Precious Members, Our January tour to Ankara took place with great enthusiasm. Hundreds of spectators were present in the program, which was carried out in collaboration with Gulistan Culture Center and Gulberenk Values Education Association. The program, which was entitled “What the Winter Season Remind Us” made the children of Ankara think about the  [ Read More ]