Dear Valued Visitors;

Today we started the Before Sleep Program with gratitude all together! We learned that when the question is asked “How are you?”, we should have said “Alhamdulillah!”. Because our Allah loves His grateful servants very much and increases their goodness as they give thanks. Not only with our tongue, but also with our hands, eyes, ears, feet; that is, we should always be in a state of thanks to Him with all our limbs! Also, one should dream and work diligently to realize it. As the Children of Gulberenk, we should try, not give up, strive and succeed!

Just while I was thinking about this issue, a song came up! In the song:

“Don’t say you can’t do it, try to do it!

Don’t say you can’t find it, try to find it!

Don’t say you can’t see, try to see!

Do not waste your will!” was saying!

Do you know? Our Almighty Lord, in the 7th Verse of Inshirah Surah, ordered us to switch to another job immediately when we get tired of a job!

If a person does not occupy himself with good activities, his soul will keep him busy with vain works!

When we make a useful work, we can both experience the joy of success and make everyone who looks at it feel good! Towards the end of our program, we opened our hands and said:

“Our Beautiful Allah! Make us one of your servants who reminds you of You when you look at your face! Give us peace! Grant us good advice to those who open up to us! Amen!”

Then we listened to the Gulberenk Song with enthusiasm!

Tonight, before going to bed, we thought about the last thing we wanted from Allah and intended to write it down! Hoping to meet again at the same time tomorrow, we went to our duty in peace!

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