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We were together again with enthusiasm, excitement and joy in the Before Sleep Program! We learned that today is a very auspicious, beautiful and historical day when the Hagia Sophia Mosque finally regained its identity! In a hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa sallam once said: “Constantinapolis will certainly be conquered. What a great commander, the commander who conquered it, what a great army that conquered it! (Bukhari, Tarih’ul Kebir)”. Our grandfather, Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han, conquered Istanbul by giving many struggles and martyrs in 1453, and then turned the buildings there into mosques. Hagia Sophia served as a mosque for 500 years! Its Holiness Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han, who dedicated the Hagia Sophia Mosque to his nation: “May Allah curse those who use this place for other purposes!”. Then someone came and turned it into a museum! They also forbade praying in it! Hagia Sophia has been in chains for nearly 100 years!

Here are our state elders today; by showing our strength and courage to the whole world, he opened the Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship again! Hagia Sophia has now regained its original identity! From now on, we will not be entering there by buying a ticket, but by making ablutions! The most important point is saying: “This mosque is mine! I love it and I take care of it!”, rushing to the mosques around us to perform our daily prayers in awe! Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) wanted especially men to perform their prayers in congregation in the mosque. Moreover, the prayer performed collectively yields 25 times more rewards than the prayer performed alone! Because in this way, brotherhood is formed between Muslims who see each other at every prayer time, people protect their mosques and cheer them up! As the Children of Gulberenk, we should strive to perform our prayers in congregation in the mosque, stand by the truth and truth in a courageous and dignified manner, and make sajdas of gratitude to our Lord, who has blessed us with this joyful victory!

Today, at the end of our program, we decided to draw pictures describing the joy of reopening the Hagia Sophia Mosque for worship! With peace, gratitude, great joy and pride; we went to bed hoping to meet again on a Monday evening!

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