Dear Valued Visitors,

After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy in our Before Sleep Program. We started our program with a delay of 6 minutes. It turns out that sometimes planes get up later than planned and are delayed. People could also delay. Passengers would feel better if they explained why the plane was delayed; because everyone wanted to know why. If this happened once in forty years, many would be sympathetic; but if it happens twice, people can get bored and their confidence can be shaken.

We then thought… How many times have we delayed things in our lives??? Are we always on time to school? How many times have we missed a date? How many times did we spend the morning prayer? If a person has adopted the motto of being on time throughout his life, everyone would understand his occasional delay with great understanding and even be very curious; but if he has always adopted the motto of being late, everyone will say “But he doesn’t come on time anyway!”. He ignores it and nobody cares. For example, we were very curious about our friend who made the program when Before Bed started late this evening. Turns out she was busy with something and didn’t know the time had passed. We were very relieved when we learned the reason.

We learned… There is no compensation for the time that was wasted, lost, or defeated. Instead, we should have known not to be late and to continue without forgetting our other works no matter what we are doing. You see, time is money! Believers should be punctual! It was not enough to have two days equal. Being late very rarely is a human condition. Well, that’s how things are!  Do you know? Research continues for Gulberenk Village. We were very excited and happy to hear this. “If our Allah gives us health and well-being, I hope we can live all our dreams together!”. And so we ended our program.

No no, we didn’t break up! Again, we went to bed with beautiful dreams and prayers.

If you would like to benefit from this beautiful program, you can call 0542 808 82 58 for free registration and information.

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