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We got some very sad and scary news tonight on Before Sleep Program. An old uncle’s house burned down today. It turns out that our house, which is our shelter where we live, host guests, eat and relax, is so important! Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “Three things are in the happiness of the world. A large house, a good mount, a good life partner. (Musnad 1/168)”.

After this beautiful hadith-i-sherif we learned, we immersed ourselves in contemplation by listening to the song “A Sad Song / You Will Understand When You Cry”: “If you knew what I know, you would laugh less and cry more. (Hadith-i Sharif / Bukhari). You would understand what the happiest are the ignorant ones.”

Then from the hadîth-i-sherîf of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafâ sallallahu ’alaihi wasallam we learned: “Less charity drives away a lot of trouble (Haysemi).” As the Children of Gulberenk

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, we should save our pocket money and give alms, make the poor happy, and always pray to our Lord to be protected from all kinds of misfortunes!

At the end of our program, we listened to the “Charity Song”! We said:

“Giving alms banishes trouble.

It makes the patient well and long life.

If Satan frightens them with poverty, believers:

He says, “Allah is the guarantor of my sustenance.”

We went to our beds with the hope of having a peaceful, pleasant and good day and with the hope of meeting again on Monday evening.

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Author: Merve Doganci

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