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Our Before Sleep Program continues every weekday with great peace! Tonight we learned that there are angels on our right and on our left, who write down our good and bad deeds. For example, if we backbited or lied, the angel on our left; if we asked for forgiveness and prayed, the angel on our right would keep a record. We should act in accordance with the orders of our Lord in all our works and speeches. It was called “ihsan” which means to never forget Allah and to realize that he is always in presence.

If a person has ihsan, his good deeds can be complete. Good deeds done out of ignorance of Allah were in vain. For example, if someone who buys bread and gives it to others for good deeds denies the baker, if someone else who offers a plate of cherries to someone else ignores the cherry tree; those people would have forgotten the real reason for goodness. Those who forget that they can do good with the strength that Allah has given them, and moreover, deny Him, would be completely ungrateful.

Our Creator does not accept the goodness of the ungrateful. As the Children of Gulberenk, we should do a lot of good for the sake of our Lord. We should have tried to make the angel on our right work hard. Then we all listened to the song “Amal Notebook” and said:

“One on my right, one on my left,

Whatever I do, they write one by one.

I have to level my feet

I shouldn’t do everything I can think of.

I should not be a slave to my own self.”

We also learned that there are guardian angels created for us by our Lord, who never leave us alone. For example, by reading the Ayat’al-Kursi, “O Allah! Protect us!”. When we say that, those angels immediately take over their duties. As our program came to an end, before we went to bed, we all opened our hands and prayed:

“My Allah! Make us one of the best for the sake of Habib and your friends! Make us one of the wise ones who always remember you, who always thank you and who do not forget that the power to do good comes from you! Amen!”

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