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This evening, we started our Before Sleep Program by thanking our Creator for bringing us together again. First of all, we all listened to the “Intention Program Song” and meditated. Then we heard a good story. Two farmers lived in a village. One of them would wake up at noon, sip his coffee after having a hearty breakfast and relax. At that time, time passed, while ours was walking reluctantly towards the field, everyone who saw it felt that he had no intention of working. The other one would wake up at dawn, pray, take a rosary and read the Quran, then put his food and pickaxe on his shoulder and set off for the field before the sun came up.

The lazy farmer used to sit in the shade under the tree and watch the news and scroll through social media, as if he was late. He was waiting for an opportunity to return home before evening. The hardworking farmer, on the other hand, immediately starts hoeing the soil in his field, where he goes early, weeds out, and works hard until the evening. Days, weeks, months pass like this. The work in the fields began to give results and it was time to harvest. The lazy farmer was both surprised and regretful when he saw the situation in his field. The hardworking farmer, on the other hand, looked at the huge watermelons in his field and thanked his Lord. The lazy farmer went to his friend sadly. Naturally, when he saw his crops, he was envious. Seeing that his friend was upset, the hardworking farmer told him: “If we want a job to turn out well, we have to work hard and put in effort. After doing our best, we must put our trust in our Lord and pray to our Allah.”

Listening to what his friend said, the lazy farmer learned a lot of lessons for himself. He decided to continue his next life as a hardworking farmer. We understood from this story that the one who intends has action, and the one who acts finds abundance. Our ultimate goal was to beautify our hereafter. The world is already the field of the hereafter. So what we sow here, we will reap there. For this reason, we should pay attention to our deeds and strive to be worthy of Paradise.

Just as the farmer clears his field of weeds and garbage; we too should cleanse our morals, intentions and thoughts of all that is bad. We should plant good seeds by doing good and beneficial works. Then we should beg our Lord for the acceptance of our deeds and the forgiveness of our sins.

That’s how it is… Tonight, we decided to review our intentions and account ourselves! We fulfilled our duties before going to sleep and went to bed peacefully. If you would like to benefit from our programs, you can become a member of Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, and for detailed information and registration, you can check the “Membership and Bylaws” menu on the website



16.06.2021, ADANA

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