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Tonight we were together on the Before Sleep Program. We started our program with the “Prayer/Salah Song”. It turns out that the prayer; the pillar of the religion, the ascension of the believer, was the most important difference of Muslims. At the same time, it was a very valuable worship that put our lives in order and helped us gain time discipline. If we perform the prayer, which our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) called “the light of my eyes” properly and in accordance with its manners, it would prevent us from all evil.

Our Creator has given us the blessing of “Sleep” so that our body, heart and mind can rest. When we don’t get enough sleep, our body gets tired. In the long run, people who neglect sleep will suffer from various diseases. For this reason, sleeping after the night prayer and waking up in the morning was very good for our body and soul. Most of the people who do not sleep at night and sleep during the day, especially during kerahat times, have perception problems and drowsiness. The noon nap; that is, qaylule refreshes our minds and makes us feel more energetic.

To start the day early, we must first have firm intentions. If we are busy with good deeds and sleep after Isha, it will be easier for us to get up early in the morning. On the contrary; if we are immersed in haram things and are in heedless environments, it would be difficult for us to get up early in the morning, as if we were not tired spiritually. Organizing our sleep times would enable us to perform our prayers on time and with awe. Moreover, when we started the day with the morning prayer, our time would be more beneficial and fruitful. When we perform our obligatory worships, our other works, even our sleep, would be like worship. That’s how it is… After this beautiful information, we opened our hands and prayed to our Allah: “My God! Make us and our descendants among those who perform the prayer correctly and continuously! Make it one of your servants who live in accordance with your will and give their last breath with faith! Amen!”

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18.06.2021, ADANA

18 June 2021

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