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Tonight at 21:00, we talked about being together and sacrifice. We thought… Everyone could make a salad according to their wishes by chopping different ingredients and then mixing them; but sometimes the salad may have too much sourness, sometimes salt, and sometimes too much oil.

Just like that, our life can sometimes be like a salad. The important thing is that everything is in order. Nice mixes always give flavor. After these reflections, we listened to the “Salad Story” and learned the following lessons:

Turns out, being a salad is passing out of “self” and being “us”! Those who already say “I” are useless. To be useful, you have to be self-sacrificing. The Children of Gulberenk are like salads too. We thought… Some of us are named Ayse, some of us are named Fatma… Some of us are named Ahmet, some of us are named Mehmet… It turns out, even though our names, structures, and abilities are different, we thought that some of us are called tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lemons, salt and oil we can come together and become a cure for everyone. As long as we are together like this, our strength will increase. We are soul mates, our surname is Gulberenk! We are the nation of children, our surname is Gulberenk! It turns out that “Gulberenk” means; “healing, halal taste!”. As you can see, we remembered to be altruistic, to hold hands, to be us, to be one, starting from the salad tonight.

As it turns out, ashura, like salad, is made up of different ingredients. We listened to the “Unity Anthem” together! With great enthusiasm we said, “We are one, we are together, while we cook! We stand upright for the sake of truth, we do not crush, we will not be crushed!”. And this is how we ended tonight!

Then we went to bed with the peace of contemplating what we learned and with the hope of meeting again tomorrow.

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