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Tonight, after a two-day break, we were together at 21:00 in Before Sleep. Again, we both learned and meditated. It turns out that every item has a right on us. For example, the right of our shoes, which carry our body all day, is not used cleanly and kindly. If we do not despise and appreciate it, it may serve us for a short time. They could not speak; but it would present its state by being worn out and deteriorated quickly, actually giving us a message.

This also applies to our other items. Our socks, clothes and toys wanted to be used and valued well.

We put ourselves in the place of the things we use and meditated. Just as we never want to be despised. It did not want to be thrown aside when our belongings were worn out. If we had used it by thinking like this, that is, by empathizing, all items could serve us for a long time.

In any case, Gulberenk Children know the value of what is, and they never waste it. They would make their things smile. Even the simplest item would quickly wear out and be of no use to us when we used it with contempt. In the same way, wrong and bad things can happen to us when we ignore the orders of our Lord and live according to our minds.

We should give more than the value we give to things to the orders of our Allah, because He orders what is beneficial and forbids what is harmful. If we follow Allah’s orders, we will both gain His consent and find the peace of Paradise even while we are on earth. As you can see, we should have appreciated every blessing bestowed upon us. If we live like this, everything will be fine.

As a result of this program, we have decided to appreciate the blessings we have, to obey the orders and prohibitions of our Allah willingly, and to make our souls laugh. “May Allah grant us to live in accordance with His will!” we then prayed and went to bed peacefully. 🥰

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