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Gulberek Educational Children’s Programs, prepared and presented by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continue on Telegram, in Gulberenk Children’s Group. The title of the July Program was “Tears in the Eyes”. We learned the characteristics and functions of tears, “Why do we cry, what do we cry for?”. 2400 listeners from various parts of the world participated in this program, in which we questioned and realized that it was not even right to waste tears.

It turns out that Allah does not like us to pour out for simple worldly affairs. Children crying for toys and candy, and adults crying for office and money, made their tears cry. He wanted people to pour themselves out for the sake of Allah. How few were the people who were upset and cried because they missed the prayer or upset their mother. There are few people who are grateful for the blessings God has given and cry with joy. While there was weeping with repentance and gratitude, unfortunately many people were weeping with rebellion and ingratitude. This was too hard for the tears.

Moreover, the number of people who worry about someone else’s problems has decreased considerably. As selfishness increased, tears began to shed selfishly and pretending. However, tears are a precious liquid containing salt, protein and hormones. Thankfully, the Children of Gulberenk know that it is necessary to shed tears for the sake of Allah, and do not cry for vain deeds and falsely.

Our eyes were sometimes filled with sadness, sometimes with joy, sometimes with fear. Man cried when he felt his helplessness. The reason we cry while chopping onions is because of an irritant in the onion. His eyes watered when he needed to protect himself. This is why we cry in dusty and windy places.

Not only people, but in fact, everything that was not used in accordance with the purpose of its creation, that was despised and wasted, cried. The Children of Gulberenk would treat the creatures appropriately and with love, and if necessary, they would cause tears of gratitude and joy. The soil needs rain, and people need tears. It is God who makes you laugh and cry. The main thing is to be with our Lord and be pleased with Him, whether you laugh or cry. While reading the Qur’an, it was necessary to weep or pretend to weep by thinking and feeling its meaning. This was a requirement of understanding and trying to understand the Qur’an, a sign of goodwill and sincerity.

At the end of the program, a peace in our hearts, a beauty in our minds, an openness in our horizons, a depth in our contemplation…. We were not separated from each other. Again, we only traveled to ourselves. By the way, the Before Sleep Program continues every weekday evening between 21:00 and 21:21. Adults listen to Gulberenk’s programs for children with great enthusiasm and love.

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