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Before Sleep Program continues with all its excitement in Gulberenk Children’s Group. Tonight, we talked about the need to seize opportunities, and we meditated a lot again. Together, we thought about the opportunities that Allah gave us. There were so many that we could not finish it. One of them was:

For example, Allah has given us the opportunity to speak. We could turn this into wonder. We should not waste this opportunity by gossiping, backbiting, lying, and causing strife. When we, as the Children of Gulberenk, are in such an environment, we should immediately warn those around us. If the people there still continue to gossip, backbiting, and lying, we should get away from there immediately. Because people start to look like the person they are meeting. For this reason, our Lord, the Most High, wanted us to be in good places and to be together with righteous people. We thought… As the candle burns and illuminates the surroundings, it melts. It melts and shrinks, and then it’s gone.

It turns out that people who add light to their surroundings and be useful to others are like candles. As you can see, being useful is not possible with selfishness, but with self-sacrifice. Opportunities are like soap in the hand, they should be used very well and not wasted. While the candle adds light, the ice adds coolness, and the soap adds cleanliness, it melts and runs out. Time is running out, strength is getting weaker. It is necessary to look carefully and notice, to seize opportunities. We should be determined to work like candles, ice, soap, be well-intentioned and diligent and be patient with troubles, and be very, very grateful if we can be one of those who are patient.

Each Before Sleep Program is a great opportunity not to be missed. Tonight, we felt it again. We went to bed with the hope and prayer of seeing you again tomorrow!

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Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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