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, we started Before Sleep Program by listening to the “One March”. And again we learned valuable information from each other. It turns out that people for various reasons; when one was very tired, when the evil eye touched him, when he was bored and sad, he felt the need for sleep. Our Allah created sleep so that we could rest. When the sun goes down and the moon rises, it’s time to sleep. We should have performed the isha prayer and went to bed, and then got ready for the morning prayer.

Sometimes it would be very difficult to sleep, and sometimes to wake up… We should be busy with good works when we are sleepy. For example, we could perform qada prayers, read the Qur’an more, do handicrafts.

Sometimes we dream when we sleep. Turns out they were images of our subconscious ideas. Some dreams are satanic, and some dreams are merciful. Those who are righteous, that is, those who are merciful, are a gift from our Lord, the Most High. At the same time, it was a dream of warning a believer about some events.

Our Almighty Creator, in the 32nd Verse of En’am Surah says:

“Worldly life consists of games and entertainment.” In other words, the worldly life is like sleep, we would wake up when we die. Chicks, birds, cats… Tomatoes, cucumbers… Your brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts… Their world will surely come to an end. And only our Lord decides how long all living things will live. It had to happen somehow.

Just as it is beautiful to live, so beautiful to die. Just as it is nice to start the dream, so is the end of the dream. It was necessary to wake up, as it was necessary to fall asleep. Fortunately, there is such a thing as dreams, we are never bored. Fortunately, there is such a thing as sleep, how well we rest and refresh. Thank Allah!

That’s how it is… Today, we learned this good knowledge. Then we said, “O Allah! Make our sleep and wakefulness auspicious, not from those whose hearts have fallen asleep; make the heart awake. Make our worldly life good. Bless the day when we wake up to real life, that is, to the hereafter! My Lord, accept our prayers for the sake of your Habib!”. We prayed and thus ended our program.

No no, we are not separated! We took our ablution and brushed our teeth. Then we performed our night prayer and turned to our right and went to bed.

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Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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