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Tonight, we held a “Balanced Bedtime Programme”. It turned out that in every situation we should be in balance, and no matter how the circumstances change, we should never spoil it. We thought… As the seasons change, the balance of days and nights changes. When summer comes, the days get longer and the nights get shorter; When winter comes, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. In the Summer Song we listened to, he said: “Nights got shorter, days got longer! The weather is so hot, the shadows are sweet! Watermelons are sweet, melons are like honey. It’s like take it from the red on the cherry branch!”.

We praised; because we have a bathroom where we can wash and freshen up even if we sweat in the summer, and we have running water from the fountains. Then we have clean clothes to wear. 🥰

Thank God for giving us these blessings! It is our duty not to waste it, but to use it with balance.

For example, the ability to speak was one of these blessings. He must use it with balance, neither too fast nor too slow. We should speak at medium speed, in a way that everyone can understand.

Another blessing given to us is sound. We shouldn’t talk too low or too loud because; If we shout too much, our vocal cords get tired, and if we are silent for too long, our vocal cords forget to vibrate. When we speak in a low voice, our interlocutors can hardly hear us. If we speak too loudly, we will cause them to be afraid or misunderstand us. That’s all good! We should be balanced when we eat. Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa sallam advised us not to eat before we are hungry, and to get up from the table before we are full.

Moreover, we need to be balanced not only while eating, but also when drinking. If we drink more water than we need, our body will feel less relaxed. For this reason, many friends of Allah preferred to drink less water. We had to take breaks while trying to finish any work or studying. Working long hours in a row reduces productivity. If we constantly do even the most useful work, we can get bored. Even when remembering Allah, we need to be balanced.

Apart from these, our feelings should also be balanced. For example, we should control our anger; because when a person is angry, he wears out first. So the sharp vinegar has damaged the cube! An enraged person can damage his surroundings, as if it were not enough to wear himself out. He might even lose his mind, he might become unaware of what he was doing! That’s how it is… Conditions could change; but he is responsible for maintaining human balance. Tonight’s closing is “May Allah protect us all from harmful anger and grant us balance in all matters!” We did it by praying.

No no, we are not separated! We did our duties before going to sleep. Then our hearts were one, we turned to our right and went to bed.

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