Dear Valued Visitors,

Tonight, we were together again with joy and gratitude in Before Sleep Program.

Today is Arefe. Tomorrow, will be the Eid-al-Adha, which was a gift from Ibrahim ‘alaihis-salam, and his submission and sincerity were rewarded by Allah. ?

We thought and dreamed… If we were lentils

, we would want to be cooked, if we were tomato paste, we would want to be used in meals. Indeed, we would never want to wait in a corner of the closet; because we were bored.

If we were a vacuum cleaner, it would not be for people passing by to look at us like ornaments; We wanted to be useful, to work and to draw the dust. If we were books, not waiting on the shelf of a bookcase for days. We would like to be read by people. You see, everything has a reason for being. And everything is used correctly when used accordingly.

We contemplated… All living things also have a reason for their creation. Sheep, lambs and cows were also created to serve people. That’s why they were very happy because they were sacrificed in the way of Allah on this holiday. And on this occasion, many hungry people would be fed, and meat would enter the homes of many poor people. Hajj was a worship related to Eid-al-Adha. Because pilgrims would go to Arafat on the day of Arafa, and on the morning of the feast, they would slaughter their sacrifices and become pilgrims. This was a difficult worship; however, Hajj and Umrah are very nice for those who are patient. We recited the Fatiha for the soul of Abraham and thus ended our program.

Well, we had a peaceful Before Sleep Program tonight too. No no, we are not separated! With the intention of puting on our clean clothes in the morning we went to bed with the hope and prayer of being able to celebrate. ?

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