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Before Sleep, prepared by Gülberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues with all its excitement.

We started our program tonight by listening to the “One March!”.

It was said in the march: “It means an opportunity in hand, it means a Creator in the door, it is a goodness in the state! With the one in the hand, we must reach the one in the state for the one in the heart! We should give the one in the hand to the one in the heart for the one in the heart. Giving sincerity to someone who is in a bad mood for someone in the hand, for someone in the heart; one to him, we must turn him to a hundred, a hundred to a thousand!”

In other words, we should give the opportunities we have for the sake of Allah. Gulberenk Children do not always expect from others, on the contrary, she always thinks of giving. And when people give, they become more peaceful and happy.

If a person entered a charity race with someone, he could win; but someone who gets into a good race with Allah would definitely lose; because our God, our soul, is more generous than anyone else. 🥰 Moreover, he loves generous people very much. ☺️

Then we thought, we thought, we thought! In fact, when was the last time we conveyed an opportunity in our hands to those in our hearts who were not in a good mood for Allah?! It turns out that giving is not necessarily about money. As Gulberenk Children, even if we do not have money, we can give morale to someone who is sad, and food to someone who does not have food. On a subject we have knowledge of, we could offer advice to someone who consulted us. We could kiss our mom, dad, brother. How precious it is to give these for the sake of our Lord! You see, no one in this world could have an excuse not to give. There is so much to give for the sake of Allah!

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa sallam once said: “Tell your loved ones that you love them!” (Abu Dawud, Adab 122). It turns out that this was also a charity. That’s how it is… We learned these things in Before Sleep Program tonight, and we intend to give them for God’s sake! No no, we didn’t break up! We went to digest what we learned!

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