Dear Valued Visitors;

On a peaceful Eid-al-Adha evening, we were together again in the Before Sleep Program!

In our program tonight, Gulberenk Children sent voice and written messages to celebrate the holiday!

The messages that came with enthusiasm, joy and good wishes were very pleasing! Children of Gulberenk expressed their greetings, love and longing!

Energetic writings and voices from our friends who introduced themselves, prayed and waited for prayers increased our gratitude to our Lord! While our program was ending

, we listened to the Gulberenk Song together!

“Colorful, colorful, our rose face is colorful!

We are soul mates, our surname is Gulberenk!

Colorfully, our sky is colorful!

We are a child nation, our surname is Gulberenk!”.

We said goodbye to the peace of the holiday and the hope of meeting at the same time on Monday evening!

If you would like to benefit from this beautiful program, you can call 0542 808 82 58 for free registration and information!


Author: Merve Doganci

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