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Tonight, we talked about dreaming

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, having pure intentions and giving people morale in the Before Sleep Program! It turns out that dreaming was a bit like praying. Our God could grant us grace by making our dreams come true. If we, as the Children of Gulberenk, were to take our hearts in our hands and walk around, we should have dreams so clean and beautiful that we would not be ashamed of anyone.

We listened to the “Intention Program Song” together! We said:

“Man’s good will, intention to right action,

Remember that movement needs strength, effort, and abundance, and have pure intentions.

It’s not for the idle or lazy, it’s a good companion.

The one who intends has action, the one who acts finds abundance.”


When the intention in our hearts is neat and clean, all other good creatures in the universe love us too.

Then we thought that a person can make a wonderful treat by making the person in front of him happy with a pure intention.

Of course, it is a great favor to give bread to the hungry, clothes to the one whose clothes are torn, and money to the debtor; but it is very, very nice to give morale to a grieving person. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) said: “Smiling is charity. (Tirmidhi, Birr/36)”. Smiling and saying nice words are very nice behaviors that reinforce the feelings of hope and love. Indeed, a person who is sad and grieving needs morale the most. What a wonderful treat it is to make someone happy with words full of positive energies!

Tonight, we ended our program by praying to our Almighty Lord and intending to meet again tomorrow evening. We said: “My God! Make us good people who give smiles to those around them and make hearts happy! Amen!”

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Author: Merve Doganci

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