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From Heart to Line Lessons Telegram/Friday Meetings continue with love, enthusiasm and sincerity! The increase in participation and those who benefit from it every day makes us even more excited! This week, we held our lesson in the form of hasbihal and question-answer, in which we sometimes talked about different subjects, sometimes meditated on some issues, and often gained new perspectives.

We need to make an effort towards our goals and keep our souls busy with good works… We made new decisions, remembering once again that those who work by being protected from inertia and saw the world’s field with lillahi profits! “May Allah grant us all to be better, to give and take our last breath and those before that with love and faith!”.  We prayed and then listened to what our participants wanted to say! Those who stated that they benefited more from this lesson… Those who sincerely prayed and conveyed their gratitude… Those who expressed their joy and gratitude for being able to attend this beautiful assembly.

In short; we concluded another lesson in which we felt the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood to the very marrow of our bones, received material and spiritual inspiration, benefited from the blessings of the dawn, and sailed to different ideas, embroidered from row to row! We are not separated! With the hope and prayer of meeting again next week. If Allah gives life, our hearts are one, we set out on a journey to our essences!

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Author: Hatice Saglam

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