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Our Before Sleep Program, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues on the internet with all its excitement. We learned tonight that it is good to be tired. Those who work are successful, those who sleep lazily fail. The most successful people emerged from those who had the most difficulty. For this reason, very important men grew up from the children of very poor and crowded families. Children of very wealthy families, who grew up in a comfortable environment, usually did not do much. Because difficulties increase the ability to find solutions and help people discover themselves. That’s why it is necessary to love difficulties.

For example

, in order for us to understand that the taste of the food is very, very good, we must be very, very hungry, and in order to realize the beauty of a new sock, we must have used our old socks and worn them out. As you can see, it is very nice to both work and put effort and appreciate the existing ones. He also said in the Rose Song that we listened to:

“You would think that trouble is mercy!

After the burden is a blessing!

A thorn on the way to the rose,

With Iman, doubt is a sieve!”.

After this beautiful song, we listened to the story of “Rose and Nightingale” and understood that a person who wants to reach his goal should be patient with difficulties and troubles, he should also be self-sacrificing and never complain. Whoever wants to meet the rose must be content with its thorn. Only those who are patient with self-sacrifice can walk together. After this story, “May Allah make us tireless, not shy away from difficulties, self-sacrificing, patient, loving, excited, willing, enthusiastic and targeted!”. We ended our program by praying.

No no, we are not separated! We went to bed, hoping to meet again tomorrow. If you would like to benefit from this beautiful program, you can call 0542 808 82 58 for free registration and information. ?

Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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