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After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy. We talked about doing good in tonight’s Before Sleep Program. It turns out that every good deed that a person does for himself and his environment is actually good. And as people increase their goodness, they feel better. As Gulberenk Children, we should try to do good and increase our useful deeds! Animals, plants and even inanimate beings, who have no mind, do good deeds! For example, bees honey; cows, goats and camels gave milk. Donkeys and horses also carry loads. Cats eat mice, mice eat insects, and fish eat us. Seagulls give relief with their sounds and beauty, dogs act as guards. The skins of animals such as snakes and crocodiles, which we thought were harmful, were also used to make bags and shoes. You see, there seems to be no animal that doesn’t do us any good!

As for the plants… Flowers add beauty to the surroundings, they make us feel refreshed with their scent. Trees and some greenery take carbon dioxide from the environment and clean the air! Vegetables and fruits contain very useful vitamins and minerals for us. Then, by looking at their colors, shapes, seeds and seeds, we could meditate and approach our Lord! We cannot breathe without air, we cannot wash without water, we cannot cook without fire! Even animals, plants and inanimate beings that have no mind are beneficial. If people with intelligence, will and feelings cannot do good, it would be a great heedlessness. To cut our nails, to be cleaned, to smell good, to make useful pictures with our crayons and talents that Allah has given us, to make people think; giving water to a cat, obeying our parents, sending a gift to a loved one, teaching the Qur’an, helping someone memorize the surahs… We counted, but we couldn’t finish it!

As you can see, there are many kinds of good deeds! All of them are very important. Allah is the best of the good, the most beautiful of the beautiful, the most generous of the generous! We should also try to resemble our beloved Prophet. We should have obeyed Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa sallam! Today, we meditate on them. Then we intended to apply what we learned to our lives and to do good deeds! We took our ablution, we prayed! We turned to our right and slept peacefully!

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Author: Hatice Saglam


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