Our Precious Visitors,

As Gülberenk Values ​​Education Association, we organize Gulberenk Imagination Competition every month in order to evaluate existing inventory materials, to create a useful work with these materials, to discover, develop, improve the number of producing women, to keep the morale and motivation alive.

Competitions held in March and April took place on the internet. This month, Imagination Competition took place on Wednesday, April 29 at 16:00 in the Telegram Friday Gatherings Group.In the competition, where beautiful works are attended; the pan turns into a kitchen clock, the cardigan, scarf, vest, empty boxes and threads are transformed with felt and fabrics,  “rugs worthy for steps” made of fabrics, dresses converted from old clothes, props, bags, carefully prepared tables, the mini-garden, the mat made of combed threads, magnetic box for needles, these gave new ideas to anyone who studied them.:)

The works of twenty-six participants in total were presented to members of the Friday Gatherings Group. Ms. Merve Yalın, the owner of the first work, happily chose her gift among the three gift options offered to her.

You can also share the joy of producing with us by participating in Imagination Competition, which all ladies aged sixteen and over can participate. J

Registration for May has already started. J You can register until Monday, 04.05.2020 until 17:00.

For information and registration: +90 505 345 61 30

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