Dear Distinguished Visitors,

Gülberenk Educational Child Programs, a service of the Gülberenk Values Education Association, continue with enthusiasm.

In the February program called “Thorn in The Rose”, we remembered what kind of mercy the difficulties could be. It turns out that, all of encountered things that seem trouble for us, actually, they are opportunities for us to discover ourselves and to realize our abilities.

The difficulties are like a sieve that helps us to distinguish people who are determined and who have whim, believers and those who doubt.

The behind of appearance is wisdom. The behind of struggle is blessing. Sometimes mercy would disguise itself as hardship from us, as if it plays hide and seek. Indeed, people  who realize that is mercy and tag it, reach the blessing. 🙂

Not only wealth, but also strait is a blessing. There are straits on the road of consent, there are thorns on the way of the rose. While the rose and the thorn would smile those who really love, these thorns string people who are lazy, selfish and unwary.

As you can see, there is no such thing as reaching the rose without bearing hardship. It is necessary to be determined, durable, patient, and to love the rose with its thorn. The one who is fond of comfort should be more careful and gentle to hold the branch of the rose. Indeed, the thorn actually does not string us. What should thorn do? There is no way that it can run away and hide when it sees us. 🙂

Moreover, thorns help the plant to protect itself from pests, rise to light, use water economically, while preventing its branches from becoming unnecessarily thick.

As you can see, Gulberenk’s sisters prepared a very beautiful, meaningful and entertaining program for us. What is more, this program, staged in two different places in Istanbul, is also staged in Izmir, Zonguldak, Adana and Kutahya on the last Sunday of every month. The sisters are working diligently and asking your praying for starting in Samsun soon too.

We, as Gulberenk Children, have decided: We will love the thorns on the road to the rose, whenever we look at it, we will think about what we learned. Like the example of the rose that said those who love me should make their hardship as their clothes, to able to be one of them who meet with the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Peace Be Upon Him), if necessary we will bear with many difficulties.

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