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The Lessons From Heart to the Line, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, took place this week in the form of questions and answers, at the request of our participants. The questions asked and the answers given were very sincere and specific. When the question-answer phase came to an end, we listened to our participants’ feelings about the lesson. Some said that it was difficult to express. Those who say that they can understand better and gain different perspectives through this lesson, those who say that they are very emotional, those who say that I have read dozens of books in an hour and a half, and that while trying to move forward in the pitch dark, they suddenly seem to see a light, have made us all even more excited about the continuation of this beneficial lesson.

As you can see, one more lesson of smile, contemplation and clarity of horizon is left behind.

“True love does not die, nor does it end with death… Everyone loves while living. Everyone forgets when they die. What’s wrong with us? We need someone who has found the origin of love… Well, how can a mortal find immortal love? If a heart can find Allah, of course, it can also find immortal love!” peace prevailed in our lesson. Even though our body is ephemeral, our troubles are eternal. We wish from Allah that our love reaches immortality and perpetuates it. May our Lord make us good, balanced and loving companions. We finished the lesson by praying that he will be blessed with service until he dies and after he dies.

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Yorum Yap