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As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we continue the Lessons From Line to the Heart with love on Friday, the day of believers. We started this week’s meeting with sadness, learning that the invading terrorist state of Israel carried out attacks on Gaza with warplanes. We watched the images of the attack targeting civilians and the photographs of our martyred brothers with heartbreak. We saw innocents who were not left alone even in their graves, whose houses were destroyed, and whose belongings were confiscated. We received the news of the innocent Palestinians who were imprisoned unjustly and who lost their health due to torture and reached the point of insanity.

On the one hand, we contemplated our Muslim brothers who struggled with the most severe forms of oppression, and on the other hand, our own circumstances. We were saddened that we could not be united even through social media platforms, and that we could not act even for our own benefit. We lamented that we were surrounded by insecurity, apathy, and laziness. Fast-extinguishing, hard-burning… Quickly heedless, hard-to-recover… Quickly offended, hard-to-reconcile… Quickly suspicious, hard-to-believe… Quickly relaxed, hard-to-move… Even to learn to find solutions to their excuses, we are communities that find it difficult to act and become dry crowds.

Then we thought, “Those who still keep their money in interest-bearing institutions, who are confused, whose perceptions are blocked and whose perceptions are closed… Those who chase after Danone, Avon, Cappy, Netflix and many more, and who make the enemy grow stronger… Then the one who says, ‘What can I do for Jerusalem?’ think about it first. Without waking up, it won’t be of any use to someone else… First, question that comfort you’re so used to… Equip yourself. Build, and strengthen. After all, when it comes, because we are deserving of trouble, there will be nothing left to do.”

Then, we ended another lesson, which we shook with horror, gained awareness, intended to start again and decided to live as living Muslims, with the prayer of meeting again next week.

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