Dear Distinguished Visitors,

Founding President of Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, Educator and Writer Mrs. Neslihan Nur Turk was in Istanbul for a conference program with the support of Martyr Koksal Karmil Secondary School and Gulberenk Istanbul Bees.

Through the conference entitled “Contentment is Beautiful”, Mrs. Turk explained the concepts being content and obedience. The focus was basically on the feeling of thankfulness towards granted blessings given and not given to us, that is, thankfulness as a whole. This to Mrs. Turk will beautify humans, she also added that the opposite (dislike towards Allah has given us) would be absurd.

The program, which was held in the Conference Hall of Martyr Koksal Karmil Secondary School, lasted for about one and a half hours.

After the program, in which sixty-five precious ladies of the school students were present, Mrs. Neslihan Nur Turk held a warm conversation with participants.

We would like to thank Martyr Koksal Karmil Secondary School officials and Gulberenk Istanbul Bees who contributed to the organization and wish to meet again and again in many charities.

Yorum Yap