Dear Visitors, This week, we started our lesson with good wishes and prayers. “How are you?” we asked each of us for sincere, detailed and nice answers by directing the question. We listened to each other in a real sense, in an age where listening is no longer done by many people, and where everyone  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Tonight, we were happy and grateful in our Before Sleep Program. We talked about “Civility”. It turns out that decency means being ashamed and settled. At the same time, it was delusion and kindness. We learned that… The decency of talking, sleeping and eating was to have them less, concise and proper. We  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues with the Before Sleep Programs with great enthusiasm! We started our program tonight by listening to the “Service Anthem”! It turned out that it was very important for a person to be beneficial to her/his environment and to act and serve for the sake of Allah. Even small  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, In our Before Sleep Program tonight, we listened to the story of the Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association logo! It turns out that exactly eleven years ago, the name “Gulberenk” came to mind of an older sister. This name is of Persian origin and means “From Rose to Color”. Gul (Rose), is our beloved  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we continue our Classes From Lines to The Heart every Friday, with enthusiasm and gratitude! In this week’s lesson, as always, we dive into the depths of our hearts all together… We have for a moment removed the sense of taste that feeds food, drinks water, the shoulder  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Tonight we were again together in our Before Sleep Program. We all listened to the Petulance Anthem and got very good and beneficial knowledge! We learned that we had to go everywhere in time; but sometimes for reasons beyond our control, we might be late to the place we promised. People could justifiably  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Our Before Sleep Program, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues with all its excitement! Both new things have been added to what we have known until now and our horizons have expanded! We understood from the song we listened to tonight that we should not get bored, but be tight and lively  [ Read More ]

Our Logo has changed and become beautifully minimal.

Dear Visitors, As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we continue with our Before Sleep Programs with enthusiasm and joy! On our show tonight, we all listened to the “Collect Collect and Tidy Up Song”. Some of the lyrics of the song that cheered us up were as follows: “Rooms, cabinets, toys, hairpins, Beads, papers, pens, books,  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Tonight, when the hours hit 20:30, we were together in our Gulberenk Children’s Group! We once again learned very valuable knowledge. It turned out that we should first practice the right, good and auspicious behaviors ourselves, and then convey ourselves with tabligh. For example, if we talk with food in our mouth, and  [ Read More ]