Dear Visitors, Tonight we started our program by listening to the Anthem of Responsibility! When we heard that one of our most important mission is planning our day, we got excited! We gladly shared the photos of the daily and weekly plans we made, and we shared the voice recordings in which we told about  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, We started our program tonight by listening to the Kite Anthem. Some of the words in the song were as follows: “What are you hanging out with, who are you hanging out with? Are you flying or sinking? Is it taking you to the bottom or to the skies? Who are you influenced  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, After a two-day break, we were together again in our Gulberenk Children’s Group. We started our program with the “Petulance Anthem”. While listening, we both had fun and contemplated. It turns out they metaphorically call it a duck who is weirdly touchy. Touchiness is like a curtain, we have to pull it and  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, The Before Sleep continues with all its excitement! Tonight, we started our program with a good song. We realized that we should be have a life, but not a boring one. Some of the lyrics of the song were as follows: “Tight life is to be strong, determined, never give up! Tight soul  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; The Before Sleep Program continues with great joy every evening during the weekdays! We started our program tonight by listening to the “March of Progress”. Some of the words of the anthem were as follows: “Be a servant, move forward to Allah! Move forward to the shelter of the Creator! Become the servant,  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, We got very good news in the Before Sleep Program tonight! Gulberenk Bees recently sent aid to the old uncle and aunt whose house was burned down and had nothing left! And they got sooo happy! There are some people who when they feel depressed, they buy clothes, shoes, and have their hair  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Tonight, we talked about “Order” during our Before Sleep Program. We looked at beautiful photos related to the tidy houses. Legumes, spices, dry food, jams were put into jars carefully, pieces of fabric were folded nicely and placed in boxes, and various sewing supplies were arranged in a way that they could be  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, In the Before Sleep Program tonight, we all contemplated “Death” together. It turns out that when a person dies, she/he only wears her/his “shroud” and he enters her/his grave. To the grave, she/he would neither take property, nor money, nor any of his/her valuable belongings. Since you are going to your original homeland,  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association’s activity entitled “Imagination Challenge”, which brings the peace of creating and producing a work by discovering and improving the capabilities continues with all its excitement! Fifteen works were exhibited in three categories in total this month, and three different winners were elected in the competition, in which children aged  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues its Before Sleep Program without slowing down, and with great joy! In tonight’s program, we contemplated how fast the days passed. Regarding our position, we first listened to the “Time March”. And together we sang: “Time is a trust for those who care about their destiny. It is  [ Read More ]