Dear Visitors, Our Before Sleep Program continues with all its enthusiasm in the Gulberenk Children’s Group! Tonight, we started our program by listening to the Sunnah March. Then, we prayed “Oh Allah, let us live in peace and blessing like our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu aleyhi wassallam. Our Bee sisters have made the  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Our lessons “From Linet o The Heart” at Friday Meetings continue with peace and enthusiasm. At the beginning of our lesson this week, we listened to a special work of Gulberenk Production called “Do not be hopeless”. We wanted to share with our readers a part of this work, which was poured out  [ Read More ]

3-4 October Bracelet Around The Wrist Program For free registration you may call: 0542 808 82 58 No participation allowed during the program! Get ready before 15 minutes the program starts in the following group: Telegram Gulberenk Children’s Group

Dear Visitors, Tonight, we started our program by listening to the March of Progress. We prayed, “Allah gives us all the ability to move towards Him, let us be able to run to Allah with goodness, peace and joy!”. In fact, all people, whether they are aware of it or not, move towards Allah. Everyone  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association on Telegram in the Gulberenk Children’s Group, in addition to the Before Sleep Program, which is broadcasted every evening at 20:30, it also continues its monthly Educational Children Programs, which is organized for a full ten years between 13:00- 14:30 on the first Saturday of every month. We talked  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, This evening, we started our Before Sleep by listening to the Kite Anthem and thought about the following: Wherever the kite goes, its tail goes that direction… Just like that, when we follow the people who obey Allah’s orders, we go the way they go and do good and useful things. If we  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, We started our Before Sleep tonight by listening to the song “If It Eats, Let It Stay!”. Then all together we sang: “If it is harmful to our world and the afterlife, If it is contrary to verses and sunnahs, If it is haram, if it is waste or suspicious stay away!”. And  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; The Before Sleep Program, prepared and presented by the Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues to be broadcasted every weekday at 21:00 with all its enthusiasm! Tonight, we talked about the need to “be constant”, that is, to be decisive. It turned out that it was very important to work with patience, determination and  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors! In the Before Sleep Program tonight, we discussed about the following question, “Why does Allah gives the biggest troubles to those whom the mighty Creator loves the most?”. Then we examined some photos together. For example, we saw a pencil whose tip was tried to be opened with a sharpener. Then an embroidered  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; After a two-day break, we were together again at 21:00 in the Before Sleep Program! In this program, we talked about something we have been dreaming of these days! Camping! What is a camp? Going to a place like a forest, a plateau or a plain, with things like a tent and a  [ Read More ]