Dear Precious Members, Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs continue with all enthusiasm. In the month of April, we took to the stage with the theme “Rose Fragrance” and we said, “No to Obliviousness and Yes to The Sunnah!”. We learned that the sunnah is everything what the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallâhu alayhi wasallam said and approved.  [ Read More ]

Gulberenk Values Education Association is a non-governmental organization which is working for the purpose of keeping our national, moral and spiritual values alive and all its services, activities and educational programs are for free. Gulberenk Production, is the financial operation of Gulberenk Values Education Association. Our finance department operates in order to improve Gulberenk’s services,  [ Read More ]

Our Precious Members, Following the conference and contemplation concert programs in Kutahya, Gulberenk was in Corlu as the guest of Sehbal Corlu Hamidiye Youth Development Center in cooperation with Golden Child Foundation. The conference, based on the subject “blessed love”, was held at Corlu Teachers’ Hall with the participation of many distinguished ladies. On the  [ Read More ]

Dear Guests, Gulberenk was in Adapazarı as the guest of Aziziye Girls Qur’an Course. The conference, held at Aziziye Girls Qur’an Course Hall, was entitled “Balanced in Both Worlds” and was enriched with the presentation of Gulberenk Values Education Association Chairman of the Board, Educator and Author Neslihan Nur TURK. The program, which was realized  [ Read More ]

Dear Guests, Gulberenk was in Cyprus with the invitation of officials of TOBB Hala Sultan Theology College. Two separate conferences took place through the program, in which we met with the valuable devoutful men and women of Cyprus. Through the program we came together with the Hala Sultan Dormitory students and Cypriot ladies and elaborated  [ Read More ]

Dear Guests, Gulberenk Educational Children Programs continue with beautiful and special sections. In our May program we all said, “A Pen Writes, A Paper Gets Filled”. That is, we all have angels on both our shoulders (the right and left angels) who write whatever we do and say. These angels are called the Kiraman Katibin  [ Read More ]

Gulberenk Values Education Association, in cooperation with Izmir Gulberenk Bees, organized a conference, a contemplation concert and a children’s concert in Izmir. The programs which were held with full excitement took place at the Martyr Omer Halis Anatolian Imam Hatip High School. In the conference program, in which children’s education was discussed and described according  [ Read More ]

Dear Guests, Gulberenk Values Education Association organized two beautiful programs in Gonen. The conference and concert programs held in Gonen Municipality Conference Hall became meaningful with the participation of precious ladies who came all the way from Bandirma, Balikesir and Biga to Gonen. Gulberenk Values Education Association Chairman of the Board, Educator and Writer Neslihan  [ Read More ]

Dear Guests, Gulberenk organized the last program of its one-year conference series, which was put forward in collaboration with the Hudayi Girls Qur’an Course. The speech of the conference was based on how and in what ways one’s wisdom and knowledge can be conveyed. Various tips were given to hundreds of student who interestedly took  [ Read More ]