Dear Valued Visitors, Tonight, we held a “Balanced Bedtime Programme”. It turned out that in every situation we should be in balance, and no matter how the circumstances change, we should never spoil it. We thought… As the seasons change, the balance of days and nights changes. When summer comes, the days get longer and  [ Read More ]

Dear friends! Gulberek Educational Children’s Programs, prepared and presented by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continue on Telegram, in Gulberenk Children’s Group. The title of the July Program was “Tears in the Eyes”. We learned the characteristics and functions of tears, “Why do we cry, what do we cry for?”. 2400 listeners from various parts of  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues its Before Sleep Program with great joy and love! In tonight’s program, we talked about ‘determination’, which is a very important and necessary thing. Sometimes in life, we encounter obstacles and difficulties to test us. If we truly believe and intend, we will overcome all difficulties, show  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy. We talked about doing good in tonight’s Before Sleep Program. It turns out that every good deed that a person does for himself and his environment is actually good. And as people increase their goodness, they feel better. As Gulberenk  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, We were together again tonight in the Before Sleep Program. We talked about starting every job with “Basmala”. We thought… It turns out that almost everything moves in the universe. If the action is started with basmala and well-intentioned, abundance will come. Moreover, people feel good when they move.  Euzubillahimineshaitanirrajim, I seek  [ Read More ]

Distinguished Public and Distinguished Officials, The work titled Our Masjid Al Aqsa Our Proud Rose, which was published under the leadership of Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, with the signatures of 41 non-governmental organizations and aims to raise awareness and enthusiasm about Masjid Al Aqsa, was uploaded on 15 March 2019 from Youtube Gulberenk Channel, 16  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; We were together again with enthusiasm, excitement and joy in the Before Sleep Program! We learned that today is a very auspicious, beautiful and historical day when the Hagia Sophia Mosque finally regained its identity! In a hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa sallam once said: “Constantinapolis will  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors, After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy in our Before Sleep Program. We started our program with a delay of 6 minutes. It turns out that sometimes planes get up later than planned and are delayed. People could also delay. Passengers would feel better if they explained  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we were together again in the Before Sleep Program! Tonight, we thought that we would do many things in life by counting. For example, if we eat a date with an odd number such as one, three or five, it will heal. We used to count the  [ Read More ]

Dear Valued Visitors; Our Before Sleep Program continues every weekday with great peace! Tonight we learned that there are angels on our right and on our left, who write down our good and bad deeds. For example, if we backbited or lied, the angel on our left; if we asked for forgiveness and prayed, the  [ Read More ]