Dear Distinguished Members,

Gulberenk Educational Children Programs continue to be staged regularly. Through our “Salt in the Food” program during November we all said, “So Many Small Things, No Disdain!”. During the program we realized that there were such small things and it turned out that those little things were of great importance.

That is, if it was not for the knots a vest could not knitted. If it was not for the rain drops a sea would not have been existed. Likewise, no bricks would have meant no walls, no rice would mean no rice pilaf. No letters could have meant no words, no commas would have meant no meanings. Furthermore, no seeds would have meant no trees, no needle then would have meant no caftans.

How can one belittle all these things? If it was not for the gram, a pound would not become a pound. If it was not for an inch, one meter would never exist. Furthermore, if there was no one lira, a thousand liras would not exist. Yes, all these might seem very trivial; but still if there were no pages no books would have been printed and if there were no books no libraries would have been established.

Such few little things might have various harmful effects on us, like bacteria, viruses and thorns… they can hurt, wound and even make us sick…Nevertheless, these little things may have a myriad benefits. If it was not for the tiny little needle, huge curtains would not have been produced. If it were not for the keys, we could not unlock the doors of our houses and even could not start the engine of cars. Just consider about it, if we did not have our tiny nails, teeth, nostrils, what would become of us?

Sometimes things that appear trivial, on the opposite might have huge influences on us. Like a sulky face might be enough to demoralize us. On the other hand, a slight smile could do vice versa and make us feel happy and motivated. Winning or losing may be based on very minor reasons. For instance, the ones who have a bit of arrogance in their hearts, would not be able to go to heaven. To repent after a sin and to be thankful to Allah after doing a good deed, all these seem pint sized acts but in fact they are not.

Having thought about all of these aspects, we sang together a beautiful song and the chorus remained in our tongue like the taste of honey:


“Snow flake, pomegranate seed, water drop, grain of sand! Allah, who created the smallest and the greatest, is our only One! There is no such thing as thing! No disdain! Be like salt in food, Amen, Oh you beautiful pearl!”


Right after the song, we understood who the pearls were described through the song. Each of the Gulberenk Child is a small pearl. Our sisters, who presented us the program as a gift, wished us to add flavor and beauty to the world, just as salt adds flavor to food. In reality, each Gulberenk Program has been like a de facto prayer for a more peaceful world.


In conclusion, on the first Saturday- Sunday of every month we are in Istanbul and on the last Sunday of every month we continue to say Amen to this prayer in Izmir, Zonguldak, Adana and Kutahya! Thank Allah!

Yorum Yap