Dear Precious Members,

Gulberenk organized the Blue Program on “Canakkale” this month. We commemorated all our martyrs, who had died for their homeland. We sent Fatiha’s to the souls of those heroes who we owe our liberty.
The cemeteries where the martyrs were lying were called “Martyrs Cemetery”. The Rosewood tree there then said to us:

“I am a Rose Tree. By spreading pleasant scents, I serve for beauty and peace of mind.
The chicken was very upset when she heard that only roosters were recruited. Thereupon, the Rose Tree comforted her:
“Soldiers, they are getting stronger by eating your eggs. You serve as well. You should be happy for that”.

And we also learned this: It turns out that not only those who died in the war were accepted as martyrs. People who serve for the sake of Allah, who learn science, do good and want martyrdom, can also be martyrs.

Moreover, the martyrs do not really die. The soldier brother, who came with the Turkish flag in his hand, reminded us:
“The martyrs do not die! Homeland is indivisible! For those who give their lives to Allah are not dead!”.

The chick did not appear for a long time. It turns out that it was recruited. As soon as the chick received his permission, he would come to the Gulberenk Children’s Programs. Then we learned that soon, he is going to marry the neighbor’s female chick. We were very happy to hear this.

Last month we were in Izmit. We are going to Manyas this month. On the other hand, we will continue the preparations of the new program. Do not stay idle dear friends! Think about how you can serve for our beautiful motherland, okay?
Hope to see you in the commemoration program on the birth of the beloved Prophet!
With love!

Yorum Yap