Dear Precious Members,

This month, Gulberenk appeared to the audience with the “Green Program”. Hundreds of children came to the program, which involved the theme “Waste”. We learned how bad wasting is. Our health, time, food, drinks, water, electricity, papers … In short, we should not waste any of these blessings entrusted to us.

Waste means misspend things. Allah does not like those who waste. Those who waste are called “Wasteful”. We all promised that we will not be wasteful anymore!

The treat of this month were green cookies made by the Gulberenk team. They were so delicious. We ate them up with such a hurry!

We are going to meet in the “Pink Program” next month for sure. Now for the new program, the kids are counting down the days. It is getting harder to leave our lovely Gülberenk with the passing of each day!

Yorum Yap