Dear Precious Members,

In the April program based on commemorating the Sacred Birth of the Prophet, we had a very sweet enthusiasm with the participation of hundreds of our friends. Through the program in which we remembered our beloved Prophet Mohammed Mustafa (sallallahu aleyhi and wasallam), we both had very emotional and very cheerful moments.

The bride doll and the toy soldier were sad to have been used badly. They told us how the Prophet was greatly compassionate and affectionate towards all the things created. On the other hand, Nasreddin Hodja voiced his playful wool.

We commemorated our beloved Prophet’s mercy, hard work and his giving value to knowledge. We remembered how Muslims, plants and animals all over the world missed Him. We had an Eskimo from the North Pole and a Penguin as our first guests. Then, African Camal came with Puppy Leopard. Then one of our Muslim sisters in Japan participated in the program with her robot. The robot recited the salawat, “Allahumme salli ala sayidina Muhammad”.

Finally a Spanish boy and a bull came. The bull was very angry at first; but when it heard about the fact that Muslims did not harm animals and even had started a campaign for the removal of the bullfights, its anger passed.

Yusuf AVSAR, one among our regular audience, received a plaque in this program. A few months ago, Yufus AVSAR made money by selling biscuits and donated the money to Gulberenk. As he was not able to come to our program due to his leveling exam, the plaque was handed over to his sister Zeyneb by the sweet chick. We congratulate our altruistic and diligent brother Yusuf and wish him a perfect life.

We will be in Urfa on the 12th and 13th of May. Before the program we will be present at our halls again for the “Fatah” program. As you see, we keep working! Let us stop the Kelam and say Salaaaam!

Yorum Yap