Dear Precious Members,

Gulberenk’s “Orange Program” last month was enthusiastic. In this program whose subject was “The Reminders of Autumn”, we contemplated together. We learned what we should remember in this beautiful season like the falling leaves, that the winds blow cooler and that it pours rain often.
Keloglan likened the trees whose leaveshad fallen to his hairless bald head. First, he seemed a little sad for this; but then he realized that what comes from Allah is beautiful. Look what the Great Sycamore tree said through the song:

“I am a Great Sycamore tree. When spring comes, I bloom. I will never get proud about my beauty. Never boast. Because I know that in the fall my leaves will fall off”.

Gulberenk Orange Program

The little flower who boasted with her beauty realized that beauty was temporary when her leaves fell off with the wind. The real beauty is the beauty of behaviours. Then the sycamore tree told her, “Do not be sad that your leaves are falling off. Because it shows that the seeds have ripened. The wind will spread these seeds, and in the spring, it will bloom beautifully and will present us various fresh flowers”.

The rabbit, while eating carrots from his pocket all of a sudden remembered our hungry sisters and brothers in Somalia. And his appetite got cut and thought, “If I do not send some of my carrots to my sisters and brothers there how can I be peaceful?”. In fact, we must share the wealth we have with those in need.

There was also a bearded grandfather in the program, such a sweet and lovely guy. Thereby we learned that human beings’ autumn is their old ages. Our mentor Nasreddin talked about the importance of reverence for our elders, those who reached the old age, the autumn.

The competition was extremely exciting as always. Our friends who had never been chosen by lot until this program had the pleasure of participating in the competition. Our guests were very happy when they were taking their carrots on their way home. And the Gulberenk team has already rolled up its sleeves for the new program! Well, see you later!

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