Dear Precious Members,

In October, we came together in the Gulberenk Program. The color of the program in which we dealt with “Rights and Freedom” was Red. Everywhere was decorated with red flowers. The ladybugs wandering on the leaves were very cute.
Uncles Karagoz and Hacivat talked about the rights of our teachers. It turns out that our teachers had so many rights over us. To respect them is a very important duty. Knwoledge and education are so precious.

Then, a play started which was really worth seeing. There was a boy in the play with his own “Good Voices” and “Bad Voices” in him. While the child, unaware of the sadness of the bird imprisoned in the cage by him, was playing the playstation, the good and bad voices began to speak to him.

While the good voice invited him to play with friends in the garden, the bad voice said the opposite. While the good voice reminded him not to go out and eat ice cream, the bad voice applauded this state of mind. While the good voice rejoiced in the child’s prayer, the bad voice did its best to make him think of other things through the prayer. In the end, the child started to listen to the good voice and locked the bad voice in the cage, from which he freed the little bird. From that day on, the child was always engaged in goodness and began do good works.
Not only people, but animals and plants also have their rights. We remembered this with the short stories told by our speaker sister. Essential liberty was possible by living in accordance with Allah’s commandments. We learned this by listening to the story of “The Ladybug and the Ant”. Those who are strong should be able to help the weak and protect their rights.

When we sang “The Motherland” song, we commemorated our martyrs who gave their lives for our rights and freedom. Before leaving, we opened our national flag with the star and the crescent and we all sang the “Independence March”. It was very emotional. It was exciting! When we finished the march, we folded our flag politely. When we kissed it respectfully, our hearts got filled with honor.

Those crimson apples that were served out at the exit of the program seemed to tell us about being more grateful. With these emotions, we have already started the preparations for the new program. Gulberenk will be performing on the 12th and 13th of November due to the holiday of our Sacrifice Feast next month. We expect you all! With love!
Note: Nasreddin Hodja could not come to the program because he was sick, we are sorry. Would you please pray for her?

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