Dear Precious Members,

Gulberenk this month came up with the “White Program” in which our subject was “The Remindiers of the Winter Season”. As our dear Prophet Muhammad Mustafa aleyhissalam, denotes, “The winter season is like the spring of the believer”. That is, as one of Allah’s verses pinpoints, “After every challenge, there is a convenience and ease”. We repeated this verse all together.

It turned out then that winter was teaching us to stand up to hardship, to help others and to solidarity. Falling snow is cleaning the world from many microorganisms. Together, we thanked Allah for our warm homes, for our skins that can both feel cold and heat.

Karagoz and Hacivat came on board. Then our Nasreddin hodja slipped on the ice, fell and broke his arm. We prayed for his quick healing. The quilt maker grandpa made us happy when he served hot soup for the poor child who rejoiced on this greatly.

You see, it was a very nice program! We were both entertained, informed, and got emotional at times. Gulberenk was with its beloved children on the 15th of January in Kahramanmaras. There, we performed the program on “Waste” and had a very nice time. There is Izmit on the line waiting for our visit, then there is Manyas and Urfa. Afterwards…. Thank Allah for having opened our ways to Anatolia!

Now, it is time to work. Let us cut the word and go on! Always fill your empty moments with some work!

Yorum Yap