Our aim,

We are an association that works for humanity to have good morals and exemplary behaviors. This association is to operate in and out of the country without any discrimination such as religion, language, and race, gender in order to help people gain values such as thankfulness, generosity, decency, time consciousness, strong stance and compassion. Rose symbolizes good morals and exemplary behaviors, and the color is the representation of people of different races and different nationalities.

We believe that mankind will find peace with the Qur’an and Sunnah. For this reason, our light is the last Prophet Muhammad Muhammed Mustafa (PBUH).

We know very well!
No bird can fly with only one wing. Without the Hereafter, there can be no World. We must learn and teach how to interpret a person, a flower, a cloud, a stone, a bird and an insect. We have to tell humanity why they were created, where they are coming from and where they will go. We must lead them to know their responsibilities and fulfill their duties. We need to help people to open their Spiritual horizons. We are a team that is aware of this very important responsibility.

Our goal,
is to deliver the most beautiful messages to the hearts of children, young people, and adults all over the world, not just in Turkey. We want to do all the necessary work for this.

Our worship,
is to work enthusiastically and voluntarily.

Our intention,
is to be constantly in service until death.

Our rule,
Our programs are not for money, but for prayer!

Our services are a gift from Gulberenk to humanity!
Really, who are we?

We are a volunteer team of Muslim educators, writers and craftsmen. We do not count the name one by one. Our last name is Gulberenk!


We would like to see you on our stage and in our colorful conferences, concerts and coursework, as well as in our community as a member!

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