Distinguished Public and Distinguished Officials,

The work titled Our Masjid Al Aqsa Our Proud Rose, which was published under the leadership of Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, with the signatures of 41 non-governmental organizations and aims to raise awareness and enthusiasm about Masjid Al Aqsa, was uploaded on 15 March 2019 from Youtube Gulberenk Channel, 16 months later on 09.07.2020. Removed for non-compliance with community guidelines. Although it did not contain an immoral image and did not have any copyright problems, the work, which was exposed to such a decision, was commissioned by the Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association Economic Enterprise and was given as a gift to all Muslims of the world. We objected to the decision notification, which was not stated to be against which rule, and we informed that they should correct this erroneous behavior.

Whatever the answer may be, it is our duty to remind the following facts on this occasion: The situation we encounter is like a manifestation of the approach of “blocking and removing broadcasts that do not fit into their mentality”, which has been going on in social media for a long time.

These channels, where immorality is rampant and many harmful content continues to be broadcast even on children’s channels, continue to wear down our social values ​​and harm general morality, while placing an embargo on works that do not comply with their own worldview and belief. These companies, which claim to serve the masses, lay the groundwork for the presentation of many ugliness with the claim of freedom of thought and thought, and act as centers of evil, serving to spread many harms, many lies, many mistakes and increase information pollution despite their little benefit.

On this occasion, the authorized authorities of our state, regarding social media, to take the necessary measures immediately and the relevant institutions, “I am the boss, if you do not obey my rules (!), I will destroy you!”. We invite you to make arrangements as soon as possible that will discourage their arrogant attitude.

These establishments, which are infested with many of our people and even our little children, roam everywhere with their losses and are patronizing in our country without paying a penny of tax, must be told their limits. More importantly, our state authorities should create fields by doing alternative quality works and save us from having to open tents in the field of the infidel, that is, trying to serve by opening channels and pages in these channels.

It is announced with respect to all our friends, the public and our esteemed officials.


Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association Chairman of the Board

Neslihan Nur TURK

Educator and Author

Yorum Yap