Dear Visitor, Gulberenk Educational Children’s Programs, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continue to take the stage in Zonguldak on the last Sunday of every month!  We learned what it was like to talk less and live more in the “Hurray Program”. It turns out that instead of talking blankly, it was necessary to do  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we continue our lessons From Line to Heart every week on the night connecting Thursday to Friday. We conducted this week’s lesson in the form of question-answer chapters, in order to share life experiences with our participants. From living planned to covering, from expatriate to life… From compassion  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we carried out the Imagination Competition, which we aimed to bring together the joy of renewing the old ones, evaluating the waste and creating a different work, with great enthusiasm in October! In the competition in which three winners from three different categories were selected, Osman Musab Avci  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues to make programs on the Telegram application, in the Gulberenk Children’s Group. It continues to meet you with the Monthly Educational Childrens Programs on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month, and the Before Sleep Program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on weekdays. In our December  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Our Before Sleep Program, prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, continues with all its excitement! Every day a new one is added to what we have learned! It turns out that prayer is the pillar of the religion, the heir of the believer and the most important difference of the Muslims. If you  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors; As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we continue to the sessions From Line to Heart on Friday morning in peace! At our meeting this week, our participants first expressed their feelings. There were those who took impressions, looked at life from different windows, and were too willing for conversation and affection. All together, we  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, On the last day of the week, we were together again with joy and gratitude! When the hours showed 20:30, we gathered in Gulberenk Children’s Group and gained new knowledge. We learned that the world; like the peel of apples, watermelons, oranges and many other things was temporary. However, although the essence of  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, After a two-day break, we were happy and thankful again during our Before Sleep Program! We both learned new knowledge and contemplated! First of all, we transferred the money we have saved so that a family in need can buy wood and coal to the official account of Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, with  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, Our Before Sleep Program prepared by Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues with all its excitement! New things are added to what we have learned, and our horizons are expanding! Tonight we talked about our heroic fathers! We realized how much their work and burden was! We thought… While we sleep in our cozy  [ Read More ]

Dear Visitors, This week, we started our lesson with good wishes and prayers. “How are you?” we asked each of us for sincere, detailed and nice answers by directing the question. We listened to each other in a real sense, in an age where listening is no longer done by many people, and where everyone  [ Read More ]