Dear Visitor,

If you would like to be a member of the services carried out by Gulberenk Values Education Association, you may become a member.

Those who will apply for membership must be Turkish citizens and have reached the age of 18. Our door is open to everyone who believes in the benefit of our work.

First of all, we recommend that you read the Gulberenk Values Education Association’s charter. In particular, Articles 3, 5 and 12 report the responsibilities of the members.

Click on the line below to read the regulation!


Now, if you have decided to become a member, you can download and fill in the membership form and send it to us.
After completing and signing the Membership Application Form,

1- Double-sided photocopy of your identity card,

2- Two photos,

3- Entry fee of 50 TL

You must send them in envelope by cargo.

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