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After two days apart, we were together again. Although we were all in different places, we were in love because our hearts were one. Tonight we thought about “Beauty”. It turns out that some people thought that beauty consisted of the beauty of the face and body. Actually, this issue is not that simple; it should have been deeper, broader and more specific. Rather than these; It should also include the beauty of heart, idea, morality, emotion, way, language, gaze and intention.

We have heard that the world is like a place where beauty contests are held. Our Allah has given us some opportunities. If we can evaluate them well, I hope we will deserve heaven. While our beloved Prophet was in the Battle of Uhud, iron rings were stuck in his blessed cheek. Abu Ubayda bin Jarrah (r.a), who could not bear the pain of his death, lost two of his front teeth while removing those pieces.

Realizing this, the Companions were embarrassed and covered their mouths with their hands. Seeing this state of him, Abu Bakr (r.a) said: “Ubayda was the most beautiful person in the world while he was covering his mouth with his hand because his teeth were broken.” Normally, even one of our teeth is missing, our beauty would go away. However, since the heart and intention of that Companion was pure, it did not lose anything from its beauty.

We thought about it… Some of the aunts were created very well by Allah; but when they made bad and ugly speeches, their beauty was removed. Aunts whose faces are not pretty, too, become more beautiful when they talk sweetly and truthfully. Also, smiling and being agreeable are things that make people beautiful. He said in the Song of Reza that we listened to: “If you are pleased with you, then God is pleased with you! We also prayed to be one of the servants that Allah is pleased with.

It turns out that one who is contented, obeys what Allah orders, avoids what he forbids, has good intentions, ideas and morals, and whose heart is busy with good and beneficial works becomes “beautiful”. We realized that it is not the size of our nose, the thickness of our eyebrows, or the shortness of our stature that makes us ugly. These are our specialties. So it’s not the things that make us ugly or beautiful.

Her beauty is not in the shell. We should seek it in substance, intention, deed, behavior, goodness, peace, gratitude and thought. Because our body will become dust and our soul will live forever. That’s why we should look for beauty in our soul and work very hard to make it beautiful.

That’s what we intended and we just went to bed!

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Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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