Dear Valued Visitors;

As Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association, we were together again in the Before Sleep Program!

Tonight, we thought that we would do many things in life by counting. For example, if we eat a date with an odd number such as one, three or five, it will heal. We used to count the rak’ahs while praying, the rosary beads when we finished our prayer, sometimes the lesson given by the friends of Allah, and sometimes the sheep to sleep. While mothers were knitting, some uncles counted the goods for sale in the shop, the teachers counted the students in the classroom. Counting is a very nice and useful thing to maintain order and control!

The Children of Gulberenk know that they are not straying. He or she counts the days and is very careful not to waste life! He/she would try not to miss prayers, calculate the number of prayers he could not offer, and make up for them regularly. Prayer is the most important worship that puts all affairs in order and beautifies the moods for Muslims. How a person lives, he dies, and how he dies, he is resurrected! Then we listened to the Prayer Song together! In the song it was said:

“We pray 5 times a day, thank Allah.

We add nafilahs to fards, thank Allah.

He attains the best morality through prayer,

We will be worthy of heaven, thank Allah.”

The Children of Gulberenk do things that please Allah and live by respecting Him!

That’s how it is tonight, we went to our beds with the joy of contemplating based on the word “count” and with the hope of meeting again tomorrow evening!

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Yorum Yap