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After a two-day break, we were together again with gratitude and joy in Before Sleep Program. It turns out that every place has its own spoken language. For example, the pronunciation of a language according to regions and different cultural levels within the borders of its spoken language; The spoken language, which can show differences in sound, shape, syntax and meaning within the same language, and which is specific to certain settlements or classes, is called “Agiz”.

We have heard that different accents and dialects add richness to the language. It is very important for people to know and use their language correctly; because people talk and talk. Disagreements often arose when not properly spoken.

After this beautiful information, we listened to the “Seven Language Song”. It turns out that the most important of all is the language of hearts, namely “Heart”. If beautiful words grow in the heart, beautiful words from the tongue. If hurtful and bad words grew in the container, it would take out hurtful and bad words from the tongue.

We should be very careful when using our language! For example, if we talk monotonously, like a robot, our interlocutor will get bored and become unable to hear what we are saying. If we used different words and made our accents and intonations appropriately, people could listen to us with interest and love. You see, talking is a very responsible job. For this reason, we had to use our language in the best way, both while speaking and when performing different duties.

We learned that the call to prayer is an invitation made with the tongue. If the muezzin brothers recited the adhan well, people would listen to it with great enthusiasm and perform their prayers in the same way. For this reason, it is very important to read the azan well. That’s how it is… Tonight, we realized the importance of language. As a result of this program, we are determined to use our language beautifully and correctly! “May Allah make us say the words that he is pleased with, that he loves, that he is pleased with. May our hearts grant us to enlarge those words! May he make us all those who use his language properly and beautifully! ‘ we prayed. Afterwards, we took our ablution and brushed our teeth in peace of mind. We made our night prayer. Then we turned to our right and slept!

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Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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