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We held the last Before Sleep Program of this week in peace and again learned very valuable information. It turns out that someone asked us, “How are you?” when he asks, he should say “Alhamdulillah”; that is, we should praise our Allah for the blessings He has given. We should thank everyone who did us a favor. For example, when our mother cooks for us, we should have said “Good job, mommy!”. We should also be grateful to our Lord, who gave us those blessings and fed us. We have learned that blessings do not consist of only food. Our dear Allah has given us so many blessings that we counted them but could not finish them.

Some of them were:

Our health, our organs, our minds… The fact that we can speak, see, hear, smell, walk, run and sweat… Our water, soil, wind that refreshes us… Our food, our bread, our soup… Our family, friends, brothers, with whom we find peace… Our faith, our being Muslims, our ablution, our prayer, our fasting… And we can’t count many more… If we used these blessings for bad deeds, we would have wasted them and had difficulty in giving their account.

We dreamed… We would feel very bad if we were mothers and if we prepared a table for our son with care, if he didn’t like it, he would squint and be ungrateful.  On the contrary, we would like it very much and feel good if our child was pleased and thanked him with a smiling face and sweet language, and ate the food we prepared with gratitude.

In fact, thanking the servants is the most important step of giving thanks to our Lord. If we don’t climb that step, we wouldn’t be able to reach the step of thanking our Creator. Those who do not consent are always ingratitude and complaints; those who were pleased always thanked. As Children of Gulberenk, we should be content with everything that our Lord gives or does not give. We should thank the blessings, praise the hardship. Our Lord, the Most High, said: “I increase the blessings of those who are grateful!” (Ibrahim/7) said.

We thanked our Almighty Lord for allowing us to be friends on the occasion of this program and thus ended today’s Before Sleep Program. No, no, we didn’t break up! We went to bed with the hope and prayer of meeting again during the week.

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Author: Hatice SAGLAM

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