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It was 21:00 and we met again in Before Sleep Program. Tonight, we learned that Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association organizes the Imagination Competition every month. The older sisters participated in this competition and produced works using different materials. The first one was rewarded. We were very excited to see their works. Our sister, who came first, made bracelets from dried flowers and dead bees! There were also those who made pen holders from fabrics, lampshades from yogurt boxes, and flowerpots from broken plates!

It turned out that when people did not produce, they would always sleep and fall asleep. Being busy with something keeps you fit. That’s why we had to find good occupations for ourselves. When he moves, abundance comes. In order for good works to come out, it is necessary to work and put in effort.

We, the Children of Gulberenk, should focus on producing rather than consuming, not destroying, finishing; We should be children who prosper and multiply. Moreover, we should not say we can’t do it, we should try to do it without saying we can’t find it, and we should not waste and spare the talents that Allah has given us. If we use the strength given by our souls to be useful and productive, Allah will open doors for us. In addition, if we exercise our minds well, it allows us to come up with even better ideas. You see, our Lord always helps us.

At the end of the program, we were very happy and excited when we heard that the Imagination Competition will be started for us as well! We immediately decided to buy a set of CDs and apply for the competition! We’re already starting to think about the materials we have and what we can do. Tonight, we went to bed with this good news and excitement.

If you would like to benefit from this beautiful program, you can call 0542 808 82 58 for free registration and information!

For detailed information and registration about the Imagination Competition, you can call 0505 345 61 30!

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