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We peacefully held the last Before Sleep Program of this week. Again

, we learned valuable knowledge from each other. It turns out that when a person is willing, he will definitely find something to do. Hardworking kids schedule their work, put it in order, and do it in order. He would never leave things half-baked and messy. If we did the job given to us properly, people would trust us. Some people do their job half-baked, and employers say, “Oh God, if only we didn’t!”. He would say he was sad and regretful. In this era, the number of trustworthy people is very, very few.

As you can see, we had to complete the task given to us in the best possible way and give confidence to those around us. For example, we, as the Children of Gulberenk, could shine our father’s shoes, wash our socks ourselves, and help our mother set the table. We would not be able to accomplish anything if our dear God had not given us strength, power, hands, arms, feet, and intellect. While all our achievements are the gift of our Lord, to say “I did it, I won!” would be a huge mistake.

As you can see, we find the strength to do good works with the blessings of our Lord. That’s why we should never forget to be thankful. Our Creator, the Most High, has attached gratitude to His servants as a condition of thanks. For example, when our mother bakes a cake, you say, “Mommy, well done, thank you very much.” When we say that, we would be thanking our Lord. It wouldn’t be right at all if we didn’t even thank our mother and acted rudely in front of her.

After this contemplation, we listened to his song, “Tea Rises in a Pot, Man Rises in Service!”, and then we rejoiced, thinking about our Lord’s blessings and what we could do with them. We learned that one of the best parts of being tired is that we are sleepy. If we spent our day doing good and useful works, we would feel very peaceful when we went to bed, and our tired body would be glad to rest.  An already tired body deserves a clean sleep.

First of all, we should make good intentions and perform our prayers. Then we should put on our pajamas and miswak our teeth by saying “Ala Sunnah Rasulullah”. Then we should go to bed with a beautiful Basmalah, and after reading the Surahs of Felaq, Nas and Ikhlas, we should turn to our right and go to bed.

In fact, all of these are our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa’s (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) sunnah. When we remembered these, we were very happy and we intended to put them into our lives! Then we listened to the song “Miswakkk your teeth!” and ended our program. We decided not to interrupt any of our work and to do it in the best way!

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Author: Hatice SAĞLAM

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