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Gulberenk Values ​​Education Association continues its Before Sleep Program with great joy and love! In tonight’s program, we talked about ‘determination’, which is a very important and necessary thing.

Sometimes in life, we encounter obstacles and difficulties to test us. If we truly believe and intend, we will overcome all difficulties, show our determination and succeed! We were born as a result of the decision of our Almighty Lord. Our soul, Allah, created us by causing our parents. Making a decision means taking responsibility and making a promise. For example, someone who intends to lose their excess weight is deceiving himself if he does not keep his promise. Then, to give hope to someone and let them down, or to return to their old self at the first opportunity by promising that it will not upset them at all; To deceive our interlocutor is to lie. However, our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam once said: “He who deceives us is not one of us. (Taberani)”!

As Muslims, we should be determined not to deceive ourselves or others in any business, from the simplest to the most important! When we decide on something, we should be persistent! Even a piece of bread can heal a person when it is chewed with determination, perseverance, and when necessary, by tiring the teeth. Otherwise, it would do harm. Some works like this can only be accomplished by working hard and sometimes getting tired. For this reason, only determined people could walk the road. Persistence requires finishing what is started. We thought, if the people we love very much invite us to join them, we will overcome all the difficulties on the way to reach them and reach our goal. Determination comes with love. In short, we actually live a lifetime to meet our Lord.

A person with a magnificent goal like Allah azza wa jalla would be stronger, more determined and more diligent than anyone else! The Children of Gulberenk overcame all obstacles on the way to reach Allah with patience and perseverance!

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