Dear Valued Visitors,

We were together again tonight in the Before Sleep Program. We talked about starting every job with “Basmala”. We thought… It turns out that almost everything moves in the universe. If the action is started with basmala and well-intentioned, abundance will come. Moreover, people feel good when they move.  Euzubillahimineshaitanirrajim, I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the expelled Satan. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim means I start in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

If a person starts his work by saying this, our dear Allah will help and make it easy. Moreover, if we start with the name of Allah and have good intentions, He would open good and beautiful doors for us. When we say the Basmalah sincerely, with sincerity, consciousness and enthusiasm, we would have prayed a very strong prayer and, in fact, had a very firm intention. Of course, these were not enough, and whatever we were going to do after each Auzu Basmala, we had to do it in the most proper and diligent way, for the sake of Allah. For example, I was fortunate to start the Before Sleep Program by saying “Bismillah”. Those who found this program useful informed their loved ones and we came together to become 2400 people in the group. You see, we acted, we found abundance! When we start a program like this, studying, writing, eating, drinking water, brewing tea, cleaning the house, watering flowers and more with Auzu Basmalah, everything will be different. “Hearts are only satisfied with the remembrance of Allah” (Rad/28). Remembrance of Allah gives us the comfort that nothing else gives. “May our Allah enable us to set a beautiful example, to take refuge in him from the evil of the expelled Satan, and to start our work with his beautiful names, who are merciful and merciful. May He give us such a consciousness that we can chant His name even as we pass from moment to moment!” With these prayers, we ended our program.

We rolled up our sleeves to write Euzu Basmala in our notebook in the best way possible. We did what we had to do before going to sleep and turned to our right and slept peacefully.

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Yorum Yap