Our Precious Visitors,

The Gülberenk Educational Kids Program, which takes place in Istanbul on the first Saturday of every month by the Gülberenk Values ​​Education Association and in Adana, Kutahya, Zonguldak and İzmir on the last Sunday of every month, was staged on the internet for the first time! 🙂

For the Number in the Glasses program, there were participants not only from Turkey but also from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Kosovo and Greece. In the program with the highest participation ever, we had the excitement of discovering and trying a new method together with a total of one thousand four hundred and fifty seven people. 🙂 The program in which we were inexperienced on Saturday went on track on Sunday and we think Gulberenk also learned to make a virtual program.

The program, which was prepared with the joint effort of an active team of 23 people, apparently turned out to be a huge need according to feedbacks and was beneficial.

We learned: The healthy glance would see it truly. Gülberenk Children try to protect both the eyes of the head and eyes of the heart. When people look with their eyes of head they just see the shell, and when they look with their eyes of heart they watch the meaning. While those who see the word, the color and the expression would be called “the eyes of the head”, those see the character, the feeling and the allusion, they would be called “the eyes of the heart”.

The eyes of head that cannot see the close range is called “Hypermetropia”, while the eyes of heart that cannot see the close range is called “Short-sighted!”. Moreover; The eyes of head that cannot see the long range is called “Myopia”, while the eyes of heart that cannot see the long range is called “Unwise”.

Both the eyes of head and heart are great cameras. If the camera is defective, the sight and clarity or the recording would be impaired.

Ultimately, the eye is an eye, we should see the nice, and it gets tired. If the eyes see the beauty and innocent, they will rest and find peace. To see the curve and the straight, to see the invalid and the valid, we should be healthy and see for pleasing Allah.

Glasses, a tool that helps to see well, most people also need the right glasses. For those who cannot see well, we should be like a numbered glasses for them. To help a person to see the right and good is called “Saadeti Dareyn”. Saadeti Dareyn ….means the joy of two worlds. 🙂

The Gülberenk Children would be glasses for those who have difficulty seeing, and help them to see correctly and properly.

And that means what! 🙂 People could perform a program not only on the stage but also on the Internet when they wanted.🙂

Well done to us! 🙂 Thank our Lord. 🙂 Goodbye for now, to be together again in a new program! 🙂


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